Times and Locations


March 12  - Clocks "Spring" forward

April 8th   - Ladies' Craft Day

April 16th - Easter Sunday

Mat 7th     - Ladies' Spring Luncheon

Regular Meetings:

Sunday Morning Worship: 10:45 am

Hall's Small Group: March 21st @ Craig Smith's home 6:30 pm (bi-weekly)

Sunday Small Group: Sundays @ 5:30 in the SBC den

Ladies Bible Study: Fridays @ 10:30 am in the SBC Den

For more information on events please contact us at:

phone - (318) 686-5530

email - gracebasedpastor@icloud.com

Shreveport Bible Church location:

W 4761 Bert Kouns Industrial Loop

Shreveport, LA 71118

For a map to Shreveport Bible Church click HERE